Aviator brewery



Thursday & Friday 5pm-9pm We only do one Tour at 6:30pm. We open the doors at 5pm, single tour at 6:30pm and close at 9pm.  The tour starts at the back hangar bar.

Saturday 3pm-9pm Multiple Tours from 4pm-6:30pm – We open the doors at 3pm, and start tours from 4pm-6:30pm (last tour starts at 6:30pm) and close at 9pm. The tour starts at the back hangar bar.

Sunday 3pm-7pm Single Tour at 5:30pm – We open the doors at 3pm at the back bar.  Please walk around to the rear of the building to the hangar bar!   We do a single tour at 5:30pm.

Aviator Tour Packages….great deals!

Aviator Brewing Company has 4 locations in Fuquay Varina (soon 5!).  We have Award Winning Aviator SmokeHouse BBQ Restaurant; Aviator Beer Shop selling over 600 different types of beers; Aviator Tap House with all our beers on tap; and Aviator Brewing Company located down the road form the restaurant and tap house.

The Brewery Tours are at the brewery (you would be surprised how often we get this question).  If you want to skip the tour walk around the back of the brewery to the hangar bar…..hours below.

Plan your visit…do the tour and then hit the Aviator SmokeHouse for awesome BBQ…and then Aviator Tap House for LIVE MUSIC 2 nights a week (Fri, Sat).

Aviator Brewery Tour FAQ

  • NO Reservation Required!
  • Our tour is $5/per person 21 yrs and older.  Under 21 Free.  We give you a lot of beer on the tour…it is worth it!
  • Read the tour times above…we have a bar that has opening hours…and the tours start from the back bar at the hours above.
  • Children of any age are allowed on the tour!
  • the tour length is approximately 30min
  • we almost always have 18 different beers on tap for you to try.  Samples of any beer are free!  The back bar 20 taps.
  • we offer pints of beer for sale at the brewery
  • We have 6-packs, 4-packs, and cases of beer for sale at the brewery
  • we are more than happy to allow you to try a sample of any of our beers before you buy a pint.
  • drink responsibly if you want to.
  • We give you beer on the tour.
  • Cans are better than bottles.

Brewery is located at:
209 Technology Park Ln

Fuquay Varina, NC 27526
(919) 567-BEER (2337)

Our History

Aviator Brewing Company started in Nov 2008 in an airplane hangar. I (only one employee..me) initially brewed into two used dairy tanks.  Each tank held 300gallons of beer.  Much to our surprise we quickly outgrew these tanks!

I added two used 30bbl fermentors to the brewery and the capacity increased.  In Jan 2009 we had started distribution into the Triangle area.  The demand for the beer grew faster than we could brew.  We had 1 employee.

In April 2010 we moved from the airplane hangar at Triple W airport to a larger building about 4 miles away.  We have expanded the brewery yet again and have added more fermentation tanks and a large cooler.  We had 4 employees.

In Sept 2009 the Aviator Tap House opens at 600 E. Broad St in Fuquay Varina in the old Varina Station train depot building built in 1910.

In March 2011 the Aviator SmokeHouse opens in the old Varina Hotel

In Sept 2011 we added (3) 60bbl fermentation tanks to our current 130bbl of fermentation.

In Aug 2011 we added a 8 head Cimec 22oz bottling system to put some of our beer on the store shelves.

A 30bbl brewhouse was installed Jun 2012.  With the new 4 vessel 30bbl brewhouse we can really start pumping the beer out.

In June 2012 we added (3) 100bbl fermenters to our lineup. In Sept 2012 we added (7) 100bbl fermenters and (2) 100bbl brite tanks.

In Nov 2012 we added a Canning machine and are canning HotRod Red, HogWild IPA, and Devils Tramping Ground Tripel and all of our seasonal beers.

In Jan 2014 we finished our addition of 12,000sq. ft to our 10,500 sq.ft.

We sold our bottling line finally!  We only can our beer now for better quality.

March 2014 We added an Alfa Laval centrifuge.

As of June 2014 we have canned 1.2million cans of beer!

Oct 2014 the Aviator Beer Shop opens in the old cabinet makers building.

Nov 2014 Aviator acquires the rest of the Varina hotel building and plans to knock a hole in the wall for the Aviator Event Space for beer dinners and events.

As of June 2015 we have canned 3.5million cans of beer!

We just picked up Korea, Taiwan, Brazil for export…May 2015.

May 2015 Aviator signs a sales contract to purchase the Gold Leaf tobacco building in Varina a 5-acre site.

July 2015 we just ordered a still…we are gonna make some liquor.

July 2015 we just ordered 3 more 100 bbl fermenter tanks and a new cooling system to expand our production facility.

May 2016 We ordered our new canning line. 300 cans per minute

June 2016 New multipacks ordered 18-pack and 15-pack.  Cartoning machine ordered BrewPack Jr. from SwitchBack Corp.

Aug 2016 Sign new contract with wholesaler in the UK for distribution to 1800 locations.

Nov 2016 New canning line startup!  One of the fastest canning lines for craft beer in the world!  Our new still for liquor is installed and ready for operation.

Nov 2017 We started construction of the Aviator Kitchen onto the Aviator TapHouse.  The kitchen opens April 2018.

March 2018 Aviator purchases 202 Main St. in Fuquay Varina, the old Elliotts Pharmacy building.  We plan to open Aviator Diner which will re-create some of the local favorites from the pharmacy lunch counter days.

Jan 2018 We will start the planning of a large brewery expansion to increase capacity on a new 5-acre site with the addition of a restaurant (yep another one!), bar, and larger still to complement the one on the way to the brewery now.  Hoping the new brewery has a helipad.  We are adding a new 4-vessel 60bbl brewhouse fully automated.  We will have:

  • drive thru coffee
  • pub bikes that hold 16 folks to drive through town on tours
  • concert venue
  • distillery
  • restaurant
  • 4 bars
  • mezzanine overlook level
  • much increased production capability